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The Zap 130 Zero project it begins as pursuing a result on bring in an Air-frame made for the highest level FPV racing, with the low profile, designed from the ground up which have excellent drag co-efficiency, greatly increase handling and acceleration.

Well-thought layout is compatible with the latest generation of Furious FPV racing equipment's on the market.  The Zero Air Frame comes with all precise and lightweight 7075 Aluminum Hardware as a very unique GC position and Frame Design.

Everything has been developed with a progress as a pilot in mind... 

 It also provides the most effective way of system for camera setting, adjustment Aluminum CNC Camera Mount, support 0 to 45 degree up tilted camera mount.

While we are experiencing the fun of the high speed crossing of the Zap 130 Zero, we could not avoid all kinds of crash. We have been heavily testing this design to make sure that what we release really stands up to the hard hits. 
Zap 130 Zero Base Frame Design feature special lips to reduce the damages to the motors when crash.

Very unique feature Also a Super low profile Frame Design to optimize the center of gravity for a perfectly balanced frame.

Conveniently placed break-away antenna mounting options (No more broken SMA's) 

The frame is designed to be the perfect mix of strength and freestyle performance racer, be more agile when doing the 3D rolling.

Uni-Body Main Frame board made with a strong ( 2 mm) High Density Pure Carbon Fiber Plate. 



- Zero Design: low profile, low CG, ultra-rigid, crash durable, stable and agile..

- Pure High Density 100% Carbon Fiber Plate 2 mm thickness: best compromise weight stiffening and resistance.

- CNC Ultra-Stiff Hardware Frame Connection 7075 Red Color Anodized.

- FPV Camera Mount: Tilted Angled 0 / 45 deg.

- Copolymer FC Base Support.

- Detailed and friendly Step by Step User Manual

- All Spare Parts availability



- Frame Spacer and Support material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – anodized finish

- Frame Plate material: Pure High Density 100% Carbon Fiber Plate 2 mm thickness

- Screw material: Carbon steel 12.9 Class



  • 1 x Zap 130 Zero Design Frame (assembly need)

Check User Manual for detailed parts list.


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