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Serwo DS-895-HV LYNX


Serwo DS-895-HV LYNX

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Lynx Heli offer single DS-895-HV servo as spare for 180CFX Lynx cyclic servo set.

Servo DS-895-HV was designed specifically for 180 CFX cyclic needs.

We spend over one month to test and approve the new 180 CFX cyclic servo, in function your fly set up and main blade and Lynx servo speed, we suggest to start with cyclic gyro gain 1, 2 and 3 to 50%  and increase all 3 value per need.

Soft blade need lower gain; stiff blade can handle higher gain.

Our tail servo is a composition of standard servo component with special electronics and connector to work perfectly in the 180 CFX FBL system and u-Brain / u-Ikon.



- Direct replacement for the standard 180 CFX cyclic  servo. Possible reuse std 180CFX servo arm.
- Full Metal Gear Digital Precision Servo (Aluminum Alloy)

- Input (V-in): 4.5 to 6 V

- Frequency: 333 Hz

- Neutral Point: 1500μs

- Speed: 0.06 sec / 60° at 4.5V

              0.05 sec / 60° at 6 V

- Stall Torque: 1.40 kgcm at 4.5V

                      1.80 kgcm at 6 V

- Dimension: 20.05 x 8.35 x 19.70 mm

- Connector JST-1.50 (180CFX standard)

- Weight including 150 mm cable connector: 5.45g

- Output Gear support: Radial bearing 4x7 W2

- Servo Arms: 4 type included (see extra pictures) + LX1097 - Micro Servo Gear Saver Arm preinstalled at zero degree pitch.

- Servo Case Material: Technopolymer base plastic.



1 x Digital Precision Full Metal Gear servo DS-895-HV, with necessary servo arms and hardware.


Note : The servo can be Black-Blue or Black-White color  and this change does not affect servo's specification.


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