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LYNX ZAP 65 FPV przezroczysty


LYNX ZAP 65 FPV przezroczysty

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Rama kompatybilna z Blade Inductrix oraz Blade Inductrix FPV.

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Lynx FPV Innovations one more time introduce something special.

Lynx FPV Innovations – ZAP 65 FPV frame combine feature design:


-           High End Frame Design, with Carbon Fiber Plate Frame, Aluminum CNC Motor Mount and 3D Printed Shroud.

-           Ultra-Lightweight – 4.5g frame weight (with Lynx TPU Camera Mount)

-           Mechanical strength, not require extra stiffeners

-           Aerodynamic performance, low profile with Props Duct Funnel Effect

-           Impact resistance components, exotics plastics with exclusive extra after-printing chemical treatment that solidify parts and increase elastomer effect.

-           Six colors available, amazing offer of colors for any taste and feeling, possibility to update colors parts in few second thanks spare parts availability.

-           Safety with Props Shroud.

-           Wide range FC options, frames was designer over the most commune and actual FC Board.

-           Fly Precision, frame offer resonance and vibe suppression effect that stabilize and improve fly precision..

-           Incredible price / performance ratio, give extreme performance and good feeling.


What you need to fly ZAP 65:

-    4 x Brushed Motor 6x15mm 17500 – 19000 KV suggested.

-    2 x CCW + 2 CW 31 mm Propeller (Inductrix style).

-    Fly Controller Compatible: Inductrix FC .

-     Bee Brain V1 and V2 – AchroWhoop V1 and V2.

-    1s Lipo Battery 200/250Ah 20/40C discharge

-    For Fpv any micro camera FX979 or similar.

ZAP 65 Frame Building Material:

Carbon Fiber – Aluminum - PETG - TPU – PHA depending of the parts



1 x ZAP 65 FPV Frame – Clear Shroud


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