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LYNX SPIDER 73 FPV wydłużony czarny


LYNX SPIDER 73 FPV wydłużony czarny

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Lynx FPV Innovations one more time introduce one more special Micro FPV, the Spider 73 Stretch.

Following the design and the experience made with Spider 73, in cooperation with our FPV Team Pilot, Lynx now offer a new easy and funny size for who love Micro FPV.

Spider 73 Stretch is designed for Brushed Motor 1S Diam. 7 mm Length 20 mm, Standard Inductrix or compatible FC and 40mm Propeller. As battery our test confirm that 1S 300 to 500mAh are the winner.

Lynx FPV Innovations - Spider 73 Stretch  FPV frame combine feature design:

-        Ultra-Lightweight – 8.55g frame weight – 9.4g including FPV Camera Mount.

-        Mechanical strength, not require extra stiffeners

-        Aerodynamic performance, low profile with Props Duct Funnel Effect

-        Impact resistance components, exotics plastics with exclusive extra after-printing chemical treatment that solidify parts and increase elastomer effect.

-        Quick assembly without screw and quick service of any frame parts, frame not require screw, all parts Snap-in and frame can be assembled or serviced in one minutes.. or less.

-        Over twelve colors available, amazing offer of colors for any taste and feeling, possibility to update colors parts in few second thanks spare parts availability.

-        Safety with Props Shroud.

-        Wide range FC options, frames was designed over the most commune and actual 1S (Inductrix type) FC Board.

-        Fly Precision, frame offer resonance and vibe suppression effect that stabilize and improve fly precision..

-        Incredible price / performance ratio, with less than 26 usd (frame only) give extreme performance and good feeling.


What you need to fly Spider 73.

-  4 x Brushed Motor 1S 7x20mm 13000KV or higer.

-  2 x CCW + 2 CW 40 mm Propeller (Example LX2120)

-  Fly Controller Compatible: Inductrix FC – Bee Brain V1 and V2 – AchroWhoop V1 and V2. 

-  1s Lipo Battery 300/500Ah 20/40C discharge.

-  For Fpv any micro camera FX979 or similar.


Spider Frame Building Material:

Nylon - PETG - TPU – PHA depending of the parts



1 x Spider 73 Stretch FPV Frame – Solid Black Shroud - Black Frame


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